"Once A Waqf Always A Waqf"
"Allah will give you more than you've expected"
"Stronger Believer Is More Beloved To Allah"
"When you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah"

Media Gallery

International Yoga Day- 21-06-2023

Swacchhta Abhiyan-from 2 October to 31 October 2021

Central Waqf Council Committees Meeting-13-10-2021

Central Waqf Council Committees Meeting-11-08-2021

Central Waqf Council Committee Meetings-22-06-2021

International Yoga Day-21-06-2021

Central Waqf Council Committee Meeting-13-04-2021

One day Orientation Programme-28-01-2021

Republic Day Celebration-26-01-2021

Meeting of Secretary (MA) with Secretaries of State Waqf Boards through Video Conference-01-12-2020

Central Waqf Council Committees Meetings-16-10-2020

85th Meeting of Central Waqf Council at Manthan MoMA-17-08-2020

Central Waqf Council Committees Meetings-06-08-2020

Central Waqf Council Committees Meetings-11-03-2020

Meeting Execution of MoU of GIS/GPS Work under QWBTS-18-02-2020

Meeting To Review The Progress under QWBTS on 06-02-2020

Central Waqf Council Committe Meetings-29-01-2020

Review Meeting With Legal Staff Engaged under QWBTS-28-01-2020

GIS-GPS Workshop at Central Waqf Council-04-01-2020

Madhya Pradesh Visit-06-01-2020

Karnataka Visit-26-12-2019

83rd Meeting of Central Waqf Council at Manthan MoMA-20-12-2019

Meeting of Waqf Development Committee-22-10-2019

Meeting of the Monitoring Committee-22-10-2019

Meeting of Education and Women Welfare Committee-22-10-2019

Meeting of the Planning and Finance Committee-22-10-2019

82nd Meeting of Central Waqf Council in Kerala -08-11-2019

81st Meeting of Central Waqf Council -31-07-2019

All India Conference-29-07-2019

80th Meeting of CWC-12-06-2019

80th Meeting of CWC-12-06-2019-180th Meeting of CWC-12-06-2019-280th Meeting of CWC-12-06-2019-380th Meeting of CWC-12-06-2019-480th Meeting of CWC-12-06-2019-580th Meeting of CWC-12-06-2019-6

79th Meeting of CWC-18-02-2019

National Waqf Conference 07-05-2018

National Waqf Conference 07-05-2018

Education & Women Welfare Committee Meeting-11-06-2019

Education & Women Welfare Committee Meeting-11-06-2019Education & Women Welfare Committee Meeting-11-06-2019Education & Women Welfare Committee Meeting-11-06-2019Education & Women Welfare Committee Meeting-11-06-2019