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S.No. Title Publish Date Archive Date Type
31 Tender/Quotation for Providing the 10 MBPS Internet Leased Line Connectivity at CWC 02/02/2018 25/04/2018 Tenders
32 Last Date of Submission of Proposal for Outsourcing the work of GIS/GPS Survey of Waqf Properties & Updation for an Online Waqf Management System of India Has been Extended to 12th March,2018 till 03:00 PM 01/02/2018 13/03/2018 Tenders
33 Office Order for Quotations Bids Open at 11:30AM on 11-01-2018 09/01/2018 09/01/2018 Tenders
34 Tender Quotation Notice For Procurement and Installation of two Portacabins/Prefabricated Cabins 01/01/2018 16/01/2018 Tenders
35 Printing of Annual Report of the Central Waqf Council for the year 2016-17 05/10/2017 01/12/2017 Tenders
36 Notice Inviting Tenders/Quotations for hiring services of Two Security Guards on 12 hours basis for seven days a week (Round the Clock) 19/05/2017 25/06/2017 Tenders
37 Inviting Proposals for Installation of CCTV surveillance System at Central Waqf Bhawan office of Central Waqf Council, Saket, New Delhi 24/04/2017 20/05/2017 Tenders
38 Request for Proposal(RFP) of Impact evaluation study of the Scheme of Development of Urban Waqf Properties 16/02/2017 04/03/2017 Tenders
39 Request for Proposal(RFP) of Impact Evaluation Study of the Scheme of Computerization of the records of State Waqf Boards 14/02/2017 04/03/2017 Tenders
40 Inviting proposals for hiring Professionals - Consulting Firm for preparation of RFP document for Central Waqf Council. 30/09/2016 11/05/2016 Tenders