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naqvi ji
"Once A Waqf Always A Waqf"
"Allah will give you more than you've expected"
"Stronger Believer Is More Beloved To Allah"
"When you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah"

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Swachha Bharat Mission-SEP-OCT-2017

Swachha Bharat Mission-SEP-OCT-2017-1Swachha Bharat Mission-SEP-OCT-2017-2Swachha Bharat Mission-SEP-OCT-2017-3Swachha Bharat Mission-SEP-OCT-2017-4Swachha Bharat Mission-SEP-OCT-2017-5Swachha Bharat Mission-SEP-OCT-2017-6Swachha Bharat Mission-SEP-OCT-2017-7Swachha Bharat Mission-SEP-OCT-2017-8Swachha Bharat Mission-SEP-OCT-2017-9Swachha Bharat Mission-SEP-OCT-2017-10Swachha Bharat Mission-SEP-OCT-2017-11Swachha Bharat Mission-SEP-OCT-2017-12Swachha Bharat Mission-SEP-OCT-2017-13