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"Once A Waqf Always A Waqf"
"Allah will give you more than you've expected"
"Stronger Believer Is More Beloved To Allah"
"When you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah"

Dr. S. A. S. Naqvi, Secretary,Central Waqf Council

Consequent to the amendments of the Waqf Act, 1995 by the Waqf (Amendment) Act, 2013, the Central Waqf Council has been empowered to advise the Central Government/State Governments and the State Waqf Boards for due administration of the Auqaf. The Central Waqf Council has now vested with the powers to issue directives to the State Waqf Boards on various aspects of its functioning and in the process the Council is devising appropriate format for reporting its performance particularly on the Financial Performance, Survey, Maintenance of Waqf Deeds, Revenue Records, Encroachments of Waqf Properties, Annual Reports and Audit Reports including leasing of waqf properties to the Central Waqf Council as may be specified. In the light of the above empowerment, the role of the Central Government, Central Waqf Council and State Waqf Boards have been enlarged to protect the waqf properties from encroachment and alienation and to develop them on commercial lines, so as to derive higher income to fulfill the intent of the Waqf. Therefore it is necessary for all the stakeholders to carry out sensitization programme in the respective States by creating awareness by holding seminars/workshops/conference amongst the various groups and individuals connected with the institutions of Auqaf, so that the new provisions enacted in the Waqf (Amendment) Act, 2013 are well known and clearly understood in order to protect the waqf properties from encroachment and alienation. The Central Waqf Council therefore urge all the Mutawallis, managing committees, specially the State Waqf Boards to hold regular meetings amongst themselves and in conjunction with the State Government to fulfil the objectives outlined under the Waqf (Amendment) Act, 2013.